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company history

SCONTEL was founded in 2004 by prof. Gregory Goltsman, his students, and co-workers as a spin-off from the Radiophysics Lab at Moscow State Pedagogical University where comprehensive, in-depth research on the hot-electron phenomena in thin superconducting films led to the development of Hot-Electron-Bolometers and later on to the discovery of the single-photon response of very narrow and thin NbN strips, which in turn led to creating of a new class of the detectors – SSPD. For practically two decades SCONTEL’s team has been working on the improvement of the detectors’ performance and systematic optimization of the receiving systems, satisfying the market request for the first-class scientific instrumentation. SCONTEL has representatives in China, Japan, and the USA. SCONTEL has developed relationships with customers from 38 countries and published >50 research articles, including the first demonstrations of single-photon detection with an SSPDs.



SCONTEL has more than 300 customers around the world and we are glad that this number is actively growing


To improve our products we continuously conduct scientific research related to SSPD and HEB technologies and their implementation in modern experiments



Our team includes professors, PhDs and students. We love our work and we are glad to see great feedback from our clients