We always hard work to expand the range of products with higher & better properties.
You can upgrade any of your SSPD system to achieve higher specifications and better results in measurements.


High-Efficiency superconducting single-photon detector.

System specifications:

System detection efficiency: ≥ 90%
Dark counts rate: ≤ 100 cps
Timing jitter: ≤ 50 ps


Ultra-Fast superconducting single-photon detector.

System specifications:

Timing jitter: ≤ 20 ps
Dark counts rate: ≤ 10 cps
Counting rate: ≥ 250 MHz
Dead time4-20 ns


Long-Wave superconducting single-photon detector..

System specifications:

Spectral range: up to 2.5 µm
System efficiency at 2 µm: > 40%
Timing jitter: ≤ 50 ps


Extra-Low Dark Counting superconducting single-photon receiver.

System specifications:

Dark counts rate: ≤ 0.1 cps
Dead time ≤ 4-20 ns
Spectral range: 0.5÷1.6 µm